The General Chapter 1994 adopted this Cross as a common, but optional emblem.

This is how the Sisters of the Province of USA/Canada presented it to the General Chapter:

  • It is an emblem molded in the sign of the Cross – the beginning, the middle and end of all that we do – in prayer, in ministry, in community – alone.
  • It is made of ‘pewter’, a mixture of different ores forming a simple alloy – sign of unity from diversity, giftedness of many cultures in spread out missions, beautiful simplicity in a complex world …
    • ‘pewter’ – a soft metal, sign of vulnerability and an openness to be marked with the joys and sufferings of humanity …
    • ‘pewter’ –an ancient metal of the poor.
  • Its four extremities bear the imprint of gothic arches – symbol of our rootedness in the Church through our Baptism and Religious Consecration, embracing all peoples from all lands – North, South, East and West – the Church - Mother and Bride - instrument of justice and peace.
  • On the back, hidden as it were, from view, our Motto: The Holy Will of God, made known to us and through us in ordinary, everyday events and actions – transforming, challenging, nurturing and guiding.
  • In the centre, SJC – we become the Body of Christ, embracing passion and death so as to experience and share life and resurrection, each day, each year, forever – ONE HEART AND ONE MIND …