Act of Donation 


Mary, Mother of God,

We come today in union with Mother General and her Council to ratify the Consecration of our Institute made by the second Superior General, Mother Rosalie Javouhey on the day of the proclamation of your Immaculate Conception.

Our Mother and our Queen, we give ourselves to you wholly and forever.  We give you all those whom God had asked us to serve.

We dedicate to you our Communities and their works, such as they are now and such as God may will them to be in the future.  They are your property, be their Queen.  We confide to Your Mother’s Heart all that concern them.  The Congregation is yours, do with it what is best for the greater glory of God.

Obtain for us, Oh Virgin Mary, graces of light and strength which filled your soul and enabled you to see, to love and to accomplish the Father’s Will at every moment.

Make of our Communities real homes full of that true charity which radiates from the Heart of Jesus.  We want to bear witness to this love in the world. Increase in our hearts this love for Christ Jesus and for those whom he had redeemed with His Blood.  Help us to pursue relentlessly the ideal of our Religious Consecration – to be each day more generous in Obedience, in Chastity and in Poverty, so that totally dedicated to God we may also be more totally devoted to others.

We are yours and yours forever.  It is to your kind Heart that we shall turn in all our needs.  Devotion to you and to St. Joseph will be the strength of our life, and keep us faithful to Christ and to the Church.

Bless each of us present here and all our Sisters scattered all over the world.  Bless the young girls who are preparing to enter our Institute and those who will one day belong to it.  Bless our families and all those to whom we have been sent.

Bless our Mother General and her Council and all those in authority in the Congregation, so that helped by you and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, they may always guide it in the ways of God and this extend the Kingdom of Christ, for the glory of the Blessed Trinity.  Amen.