In the context of Competitiveness, Corruption in all forms, loss of God consciousness, illiteracy, poverty, drop-outs and Child Labour, the Cluny Schools in India are working towards the Education which gives priority to witnessing and developing Gospel Values, stressing the sacredness of life, respecting the dignity of every human being, inculcating values of Justice, Peace and Freedom, leading them towards a 'Civilization of Love'.

We do the above, 
Through our work in School Education:
from Kindergarten to Pre-University, Formal and Non-formal, Parallel classes for the Differently able, Teaching language to Immigrants, School-drop-outs, Free Tuition to those who attend Government Schools, Sponsorship for those cannot afford, Community College, Non-formal education in villages, Job-Oriented Technical courses in Computer, Tailoring, Catering, Bakery, Beautician etc. to the marginalized of the society.