Vision:   Towards Social Transformation
Mission:  We, the Cluny Sisters in India, open to the signs of the times work to build the Kingdom of God by giving a new interpretation to our existing social ministry, incarnating ourselves into the marginalized.
  • Through our work in Social Development services we are engaged in
    • Rehabilitation of: Street-children / Pavement-dwellers / Dalit & Cobbler community/ Women Prisoners, etc.
    • Organizing, animating and directing Women’s Groups in villages 
    • Anti-human trafficking
    • Prison ministry
    • Right to Food Campaign
    • New-presence among the most back-ward areas – working with and for the people to get the basic necessities for them, by availing the Government Projects. Ex. Road, transport facilities, drinking water, electricity, ration card, etc.
  • Net-working with other Groups and NGOs to fight for the rights of people: