We, as Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny in India, make every effort to be rooted in the Word of God, strengthen our spirituality, enliven our personal fidelity to Christ the Saviour and incarnate ourselves into the lives of the people with a prophetic thrust, to be living witnesses.
  • Bringing the woundedness of the world into our Eucharistic celebration.
  • Making all the Baptized persons into missionaries who are actively sharing their faith: Children as ‘Darlings of Jesus’, Youth as ‘Friends of Jesus’, Couples for Christ and Disciples of Jesus, etc.
  • Promoting the New Missionary Movement for the New Evangelization.
  • Promoting Inter-Religious Dialogue and Ecumenism
  • Empowering families as the Cradle of  Faith.
  • Organizing a systematic way of visiting families, deepening the faith towards the Sacredness of Marriage and 
  • Sanctity of Life and Responsible Parenthood.