• To have mature, zealous, authentic religious with deep faith, personal attachment to    Christ and Missionary spirit according to the Charism of the Congregation.
  • To assist the young women to give a free and personal response to God’s call.
  • To help the candidate to discern and nurture her call, to deepen her life of faith and initiate her to the life of the Congregation.
  • To prepare the young religious more directly for the mission confided by the Church and to the Congregation.
  • Motivating and fostering vocations
  • Providing opportunities to have God-experience and enabling them to lead Christo-centric life.
  • Giving a personalized and contextualized formation
  • Integrating into Community life and its mission.
Ongoing formation:
  • Personal and Community witness
  • Spiritual accompaniment
  • Courses on mid-life spirituality, etc.

Age of serenity: To reawaken in the Senior Sisters the apostolate of ‘presence’ as an integral mission in the Congregation and being a blessing according to our Indian culture.  Sisters coming to retirement are given space to prepare for a second career.

  • Encouraging the ministry of prayer as their mission
  • Rediscovering their innate strength and potentiality for an effective mission.