Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny

10 November 1779  Birth at Jallanges (Côte d'Or)

11 November 1779  Baptism, feast of St. Martin in the church of Seurre

                            1789  First Communion

       1796  In Chamblanc the Blessed Virgin told her to found a Society, that it was the Will of her Divine Son.  She was 17 years old.

11 November 1798  At Chamblanc she consecrated herself to God,during a clandestine Mass, by a vow of Perpetual Chastity and she bound herself to devote her life to the care of the children, the poor and the sick.

                            1800   September to November - she was a postulant with the Sisters of Charity at Besançon, and St. Teresa showed her coloured children and told her “These are the children God is giving you, I am St.Teresa.  I will be the Protectress of your Congregation.”

                            1803   July to October – Tries her vocation with the Trappists at “Val Sainte”, Switzerland, under the direction of Dom L’Estrange,who authenticates her vocation as a Foundress.

                            1804   Foundation of 1st convent at Chamblanc with her three sisters – Pierette (M. Therese) Marie François (M. Joseph),Claudine (M. Rosalie).  M. Rosalie became the 2nd Superior General.

                            1805   14th August, arrival at Chalon (Saone-et-Loire)with her sisters to teach the poor children; meets Pope Pius VII who blesses and encourages them.

20 August        1806    Blessing of the Oratory under the patronage of Saint Joseph;  the little Society  receives its name.

12 Dec              1806   Legal Approbation of the Religious Association of Saint Joseph from Napoleon I.

12 May             1807   Foundation of the Congregation by the clothing and profession at Chalon, of the four Javouhey sisters and five other young girls.  The Superior General is elected.

06 June            1807 Institute consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

29 May            1812   Acquisition of the house in Cluny.  The Congregation takes the name of  SAINT JOSEPH OF CLUNY.

                          1816   Seeing the success of the school opened in Paris, the Minister for the Colonies asks for Sisters to go overseas; the Congregation is about to acquire missionary dimensions.

10 January     1817   First departure of sisters for Bourbon Island (La Reunion)
1819   Senegal
1822 Guiana and Guadeloupe
01 February, the Foundress herself  leaves for Senegal, then Gambia and Sierra Leone.
Sisters are sent to Martinique in 1824,
to St. Pierre et Miquelon in 1826, 
to Pondicherry in 1827.

                1825 - 31   She tries to form a Native Clergy with young Senegalese. Three of them became priests.

                1828 - 33   Departure of Anne Marie Javouhey for her first sojourn in Mana (Guiana) until 1833. Foundation of Mana and the Leprosarium at Acarouany - visits the Antilles; Martinique and Guadaloupe in 1829.

                         1835      April, Chapter at Cluny where Mgr. D’Hericourt of Autun wishes to change the Statutes of the Congregation (beginning of the long conflict between the Bishop and the Foundress)

26 Dec   1835 - 42   2nd departure of Mother Javouhey for Mana, where the Government entrusts to her the preparation of 500 slaves for Liberation.

03 August      1833   Liberation of the first group of slaves confided to her.

November     1834   Installation of the Mother House in Paris (rue de Valois)

                          1836   Sisters are sent to Trinidad

19 Sept           1840   Ordination of the first three Senegalese Priests, formed through the care of the      Foundress, in the little Seminary she opened in 1825 at Bailleul (Oise), then  
             transferred to Limoux (Aude)

                          1843   Departure of the first Sisters for Oceania(Marquesas Islands, Tahiti)

August            1843   Return of the Foundress to France

04 Sept           1843   Deprived of the Sacraments in Guiana since September 1841, she is allowed to receive Holy Communion in Fontainebleau.

September    1845   Dispersal of the Cluny Novitiate (re-established in 1846)

September    1845   Departure of Sisters for Sainte Marie of Madagascar and Mayotte.

01 Nov           1849     Acquisition of the Mother House in Faubourg St. Jacques, Paris (Rue Méchain) and authorization from the Archbishop to establish there the second Novitiate.

15 July           1851   Death of Anne Marie in Paris, in her seventy-second year.  At this date, the Institute was already established in the five continents. She leaves behind 1200 Sisters in 140 communities throughout the world.

Apart from the numerous foundations in France there were:

Africa: Foundation of Reunion 1817;
Senegal 1819; Gambia 1822; Sierra Leone 1823; Madagascar 1844.

America: Guiana 1822; Guadaloupe 1822; Martinique 1824; St. Pierre and Miquelon 1826,
and Trinidad 1836.

Asia: Pondicherry 1826; Karaikal 1844.

Oceania: Tahiti 1844;  Marquises Islands 1847.

Towards Sainthood:

11  February 1908 - Cause introduced.
27  May 1937 - Heroicity of Virtue recognized.
18  January 1949 - Beatification Authorized.
15  October 1950 - Beatified.