Vision and Mission Statement

Charism and Spirituality

Charism:  “Liberate to Empower”

“To participate in the mystery of Christ the Saviour in fidelity to the missionary spirit which animated Anne Marie Javouhey” (Constitutions - Decree, para 2).

This implies total availability to the Will of God after the example of the Obedient Christ.

Motto:   The Holy Will of God.

Spirituality of Anne Marie:

Blessed Anne Marie believed in the love and benevolence of her earthly father and this relationship helped her to trust her heavenly Father.  The Father sent Jesus to save the world.  Jesus loved the Father and obeyed Him.  His Father’s Will was revealed through people, circumstances and events.  In following Jesus and responding to the signs of the times, Bl. Anne Marie obeyed the Heavenly Father.

All are children of God.  All are equal in His sight.  God wants the total development of all people and in Jn. 10:10 Jesus says, ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”.  Anne Marie believed in Jesus Christ the Saviour who liberates us from all ills.  Liberation is to make a person whole.  Hence we, as communities, engage in various apostolates bringing liberation wherever needed, thus participating in the mission of Christ the Saviour.

Anne Marie’s spirituality has both the contemplative and apostolic dimensions.  The contemplative dimension comes from the Trappistine spirituality and the apostolic dimension and discernment come from the Ignatian spirituality.  Anne Marie used both to form her own spirituality.  As it has both ‘union with God and union with people’, the Church has classified her spirituality under the Augustinian School of Spirituality which has both these dimensions.