Superior General

                                                                Sr. Claire Houareau 

Our present Superior General was elected by the General Chapter in May/June 2012.  She is the thirteenth successor of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, our Mother Foundress.

"... Various symbols of trees, seeds and fruits - 'A sound tree produces good fruit' ... Seeds of Faith, ... Seeds of Contemplation, ... Seeds of Prophecy, ... Seeds of Conversion, ... Seeds of Hope!  Through Mary's Yes to the Will of God, she welcomed the 'Seed of God's Word', 'Seed of New Life' within her.  Her virginal womb was the fertile ground that bore and nurtured the Word who became one of us, the Saviour of the world.  May Mary, Star of the New Evangelization and model for every Consecrated person, disciple, missionary and evangelizer, intercede for us that these seeds may be the beginning of a rich harvest.  In prayer I ask the Lord that each of us may experience the gift of deeper Faith, Hope and Love"  (Sr. Claire - General Chapter Report 02 February 2013)